Grocery Shopping in Williamsburg

It’s funny, talking about where you grocery shop is like talking about which college or NFL football team you root for. People get very defensive about it..

If you’re moving to a new area it seems that grocery options are one of the first things that you’ll think about, Williamsburg, Virginia has a number of stores that can serve your needs, most of them part of regional or national chains.

Williamsburg VA does not have a Whole Foods or Wegmans though Earth Fare  opened in the Summer of 2018 at 208 Monticello Ave in the new Midtown Row shopping center. If you have to shop at Whole Foods there are stores in Newport News and Richmond. The nearest Wegmans is in Richmond, they are building a new one in VA Beach as well.  With the recent closure of three Farm Fresh stores in the area we will soon see them reopening under different ownership.

In addition to organic groceries, Earth Fare has a prepared food area with hot foods and a salad bar. It also features  a juice bar offering certified organic smoothies and juices, as well as coffee and other fresh beverages.

Founded in 1975 in Asheville, North Carolina, the store only sells products that are free of high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats and artificial fats, colors, preservatives or sweeteners.

My Personal favorite


Aldi has way exceeded my expectations with its rock-bottom prices, quality selection of items that I like and above average customer service.

I admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first found out Aldi was coming to Williamsburg. From what I had heard about the chain, I was expecting a bargain store with random knick-knacks. I figured I’d come from time to time to pick up select inexpensive items. While it’s certainly a bargain and has a smaller footprint than traditional grocery stores, it has literally everything I stock my kitchen with- from pita chips to strong coffee, fresh meats to cab sav.

The flow of the store is very simple and the aisles are wide. It’s cheaper AND a much less stressful experience than shopping at Wally World. I now buy 98% of my groceries here.  Oh, bring a quarter for the cart!

Trader Joe’s,  5224 Monticello Ave.   I’m amazed that we have a Trader Joes considering the size of Williamsburg.

A somewhat bohemian market full of surprising values. You can’t shop here for everything but they do have an amazing array of food and good prices. Frozen Tuna Steaks at $4.99 a pound. I know you only eat fresh fish. Try it, tastes as good as most fresh Tuna from other stores.  Wine deals and variety. The list goes on. It’s a fun place to shop you just don’t know what you will find.

Friendly staff and good prices on organic food, “natural food”-type items, and the usual staples–much of it private label. The only major drawback is that Trader Joe’s probably will not have everything you need–you’ll likely need to shop elsewhere for some items.

Here are other grocery shopping options in Williamsburg:

The basics 

These are the standard grocery store chains in the area. You might develop a preference, but out of these three, I usually choose whichever one happens on my way home that day.

Food Lion : four stores in the area. Just an average grocery store. Meh Make sure to sign up for their MVP Club discount card.

Food Lion

Publix Market- Opening Summer 2018

This is the previous Ukrop’s then Martins location. After a recent merger ,the location was purchased by Publix who is currently renovating the store and preparing to open in Summer of 2018. Publix seems to have very loyal and devoted followers down south.

Publix is different from any other grocery store I have ever encountered. Prices are low but the quality of the food and the caliber of the employees is exemplary.

They have a great sandwich counter which is similar to Subway but they offer all the meats and cheeses from the deli. Their bakery has the most extraordinary cakes I’ve ever encountered at a grocery store. I can’t explain it but everything is absolutely delicious.

The baggers always offer to carry your groceries out to your car and they wear buttons on their vests that say “NO TIPS!” The cashiers always give my kid a sticker and a coloring sheet and call him cute which they get extra brownie points for.

The major discount chains are in Williamsburg, and they sell groceries, typically they are the lowest prices  in town.


Target has expanded it’s grocery offerings in their stores. Not a big selection–fresh produce is usually limited to a table or two, and any meat is going to be in the freezer section–but there’s a good price on what they do have. A favorite of my wife loves being able to shop for groceries at the same time she buys household items.


While some won’t shop at Wal Mart their prices are usually the best. I won’t buy meat there but if you don’t want to make the trip to Costco or Sams Club in Newport News their pricing is hard to beat on most items. Very crowded at times, long lines, no customer service, messy but you can save a few bucks.

Wal-Mart has a fairly large grocery section with a good selection  If you shop on Saturday, though, you might find some items running a bit low.

Wal Mart Neighborhood Market

4670 Casey Blvd,  Williamsburg  VA 23188

Small, homie and has everything you would find in the market and more. The only difference between this Walmart and your usual Walmart is they do not carry clothing, shoes and things of that nature… porch furniture, etc. They stick to the basics with all food items, toiletries, beer and wine.

Customer service is good the store was very very clean, the shelves was that well and orderly, and there were no waiting lines.

Fancier, but pricier

These stores also offer the full range of items you’d normally expect from a grocery store, but their offerings tend to be a bit higher-end, with corresponding prices.

The Fresh Market

This place smells amazing – a combination of spices, flowers, fresh fruits, roasted coffee, cooking meats, pastries and sugar, cheese, and everything else that is yummy and delicious here .Great butcher, bakery, and seafood area. Expensive, no discount cards.

Harris Teeter

  • 1470 Quarterpath Road (across Rt 199 from Kingsmill) and 6485 Centerville Rd
    Williamsburg, VA 23188 (corner of Richmond Rd and Centerville Rd)

Great grocery store, owned by the Kroger Co. Excellent selection of produce, Great deli that serves Boarshead Meats.

Take out pizza is delicious and on sale every Monday!

Great customer service. The checkout folks are very smart, helpful and talkative.

Very nice meat, seafood, produce, and ready-to-eat items, as well as a decent international section. Prices are higher, but their sale prices are very competitive. Get their discounts with their VIC Card, which is free.

Williamsburg Pottery  ( near Colonial Heritage)

Remember back in the day you had to do the family trip to the pottery? You were made to go because your parents didn’t want you to be home by yourself. Or the church women group that hosted that bus trip to the pottery???

If you visit you will find that its not the “Pottery” you remembered.

The food store here is probably your best bet in the Williamsburg area for any type of exotic item you can’t find elsewhere. Pricey

Ethnic groceries

Williamsburg does not have many ethnic groceries, but there are some:
Kielbasa Euro Deli

Focuses on Polish food, but also offers items from other parts of eastern Europe. Offers a wide array of authentic Polish food whether you’re craving traditional Polish rye bread or home-style golabki and pierogi .
La Tienda A 3600 square foot store that offers  great products from Spain, plus wine tastings and other special events. There’s always someone on hand to guide your exploration of Spanish food or regale you with stories from the byways of Spain

Tu Tienda & Gifts-Latin American market.

Going a bit further out–Richmond and Newport News

For some shopping options, you may have to travel a bit outside the immediate area.

Asian Groceries

E-Mart (a.k.a. Evergreen Mart)

Has some delicious items from the Korean bakery located next door.

Tan A

South Asian Groceries

Bhavani Cash and Carry

Natural/Organic Groceries

Ellwood Thompson’s

Whole Foods Market

VA Beach opens Oct. 24,  2012

The Va Beach Whole Foods is the first Hampton Roads location for the popular grocer, known for its selection of specialty goods and organic and health products. It’s located in the Hilltop area and with about 40,000 square feet, the Whole Foods will be twice the size of The Fresh Market and three times as large as Trader Joe’s. The produce section is immense and the stocked shelves are like works of art. Really, you just kind of stand there and gawk.

Major seafood selection, butcher (no hormones, animal welfare standards in place) and a runway of cheeses. There’s a hamlet of au natural body care and makeup,and huge wine selection. Plus, tons of ethnic foods. It IS more expensive though.

Nearby Warehouse Stores


Sam’s Club