Williamsburg #6 Airbnb destination in Virginia

Nearly 372,000 people stayed at Airbnb sites in Virginia this summer.

San Francisco-based Airbnb Inc., an online lodging marketplace, said Virginia hosts earned a total of $60.3 million in supplemental income in accommodating 371,900 guest arrivals between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Those figures represent an increase from 2018’s summer season when there were 280,900 guest arrivals in Virginia, with local hosts making a total of $42.9 million.

The top 10 Virginia destinations for Airbnb guests during this summer were: 

Virginia Beach: 47,300 guest arrivals ($9.4 million in host income)

Richmond: 27,500 ($3.8 million)

Charlottesville: 25,000 ($3.7 million)

Norfolk: 23,900 ($4 million)

Arlington: 18,000 ($4.7 million)

Williamsburg: 15,200 ($1.9 million)

Alexandria: 14,800 ($3.3 million)

Fairfax County: 12,100 ($3.5 million)

Lynchburg: 11,800 ($1.1 million)

Loudoun County: 9,600 ($1.8 million)

The Williamsburg numbers can be a bit misleading. In a recent search for Airbnb properties at least 85 of the 300+ listings were Timeshare rentals.

The top six origin cities for Airbnb guests in Virginia were: Washington, D.C.; Richmond; Virginia Beach; Philadelphia; Arlington & Williamsburg.

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