A Guide to Richmond area MLS real estate zones

We often field questions from clients along the lines of “what are these area numbers in the MLS and what do they mean?” Here’s the “official” map to decode it all for you!
The Central Virginia Regional MLS has broken down the Richmond Metro down into about 20 +/- zones from 10 to 66 and beyond.
I am sure long ago this made sense but to out of area folks it can be very confusing.

Understanding the zones is just one tool in a home search in the Richmond VA area. A breakdown is below with commentary…

City of Richmond
Zone 10 — From Church Hill to Carytown
Zone 20 — From the Powwhite Pkwy to the Univ of Richmond
Zone 30 — Northside
Zone 50 — Southeast Richmond
Zone 60 — Manchester to Bon Air
Zone 22 — The West End
Zone 32 — Central Henrico
Zone 34 — Glen Allen area
Zones 40 & 42 — Eastern Henrico
Zones 52 & 54 — Southeast Chesterfield
Zone 62 — Midlothian to Hull Street
Zone 64 — Bon Air to Midlothian
Zone 36 — Western Hanover, including Ashland
Zone 44 — Eastern Hanover
Zone 24 — Goochland County

The following is a list of areas that people refer to and the zones in which they are located:

Midlothian is located in NW Chesterfield County in MLS Zone 64 and 62. It borders the mature area of Bon Air (MLS 64) and the higher growth areas surrounding Watkins Centre, the Route 360 (MLS 62 and 54) Corridor and Chesterfield Courthouse (MLS 54 an 52.) Robious Road, Huguenot Road and Midlothian Turnpike all provide access with notable neighborhoods of Salisbury, Tarrington, Founders Bridge and Charter Colony are all in Midlothian.
Glen Allen (MLS 34) is located in NW Henrico along the 295/Nuckols Road/Staples Mill Road corridor. It extends all the way to central Henrico/Hanover border along Route 1 and I95. It borders Short Pump (MLS 22) and Lakeside (MLS 32). Some areas of Hanover (MLS 36) are sometimes called Glen Allen. Wyndham, Twin Hickory, Short Pump Town Center and Innsbrook are all located in this high growth area called Glen Allen.
Short Pump (MLS 22 and 34) is an areas in the far West End (MLS 22) along West Broad Street near the Short Pump Town Center and other shopping centers. Wyndham, Twin Hickory, West Broad Village and other neighborhoods along Three Chopt and Lauderdale are sometimes called Short Pump. Short Pump borders Glen Allen (with very blurred lines) and is overall considered to be a part of “The West End.”
The West End (MLS 22) is the ‘catch-all’ for Henrico County’s western sections south of Broad Street. Patterson Avenue, River Road, Parham Road, Three Chopt Road and Lauderdale are all major arterials that connect the neighborhoods of The West End. The West End of Henrico is sometimes called the Far West End as the term The West End can also mean the neighborhoods within the City limits along Cary Street Road.
Mechanicsville (MLS 44) is located along Route 360 in Hanover County in the east and central area of Hanover County. The mailing address of Mechanicsville also comprises the central sections of Hanover more often referred to as Atlee to the old guard. Old Church and Studley are also areas many times considered to be part of Mechanicsville.
Ashland (MLS 36) is a small town in central Hanover County with a notable train stop and home to Randolph Macon College. Ashland’s Route 54 is one of the two gateways to western Hanover and the notably rural areas of Montpelier and Beaverdam.
The City of Richmond breaks down in the following manner:

The Fan, Museum District/Carytown, Byrd Park, Downtown, Jackson Ward/Carver and Church Hill are all part of MLS 10
The West End/Near West End including Windsor Farms, GlenBurnie, Westhampton and South of Cary Street and are part of MLS 20
Ginter Park and Bellevue are what is considered MLS 30
Semmes Avenue, Westover Hills, Woodland Heights, Manchester Stratford Hills and Oxford are part of MLS 60