The start of Howl-O-Scream is creeping up fast as 20 years of fears come together to bring a New Era to Terror to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The popular fall event promises to be the scariest ever.

Today, the complete line-up is announced.

New scares coming in 2018 include:

3 Haunted Houses – 7 total

5 Bars – 6 total

2 Terror-tories™ – 6 total

2 Party Zones

1 No Escape (Escape Room Experience) – 2 total

Here are the August 2018 reveals:

New Haunted House: Dystopia

In a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, a new world order has risen. In this new system, you have a choice – join or be forgotten. Surrender to the utopia. Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing – ever again.

More frightening features

New this year is the Haunting Hour in Oktoberfest, where all the haunts will be unleashed to give guests fair warning that the spine-tingling scares are about to start.

Beware of a fresh new scare as Coaster Creepers climb aboard Busch Gardens’ world-class roller coasters. Unsuspecting guests may not know who is sitting near them until it’s too late. Also, guests may get a surprise from a roaming hoard prowling the park. The pathways are prime pickings for some unexpected terror.

After a long night of fright, guests can soothe their screams by stopping by five new bars – Chaos Cocktails, Last Call XX, Jack’s Nightcap, Restless Spirits and Control Lab at Inoculation Station – to sip some ghoulish concoctions. Guests also can dance to pulse-pounding music as spun by diabolical DJs in two new party zones located in France and Italy.

In case you missed it, here is a reveal recap:

New Haunted House: The Vault: XX™

Favorite creatures of the night from past Howl-O-Scream experiences are locked up in one location in The Vault: XX™. Classic characters such as Executioner from Dark Tower; Mummy from Curse of Pompeii; Pirate Captain Ghost from Sea Dog Cemetery; Little Dead Riding Hood from Deadtime Stories; and Werewolf from Hunted, just to name a few, are dying to frighten you again. Park-goers can look forward a walk down memory lane.

New Haunted House: Demented Dimensions™

Guests will enter Sterling Manor – a haunted house built on top of a dimensional vortex. The energies of the vortex have opened portals to other realms where humans are hunted by monsters, where aliens are in control and the virtual has become reality.

New Terror-tory: Garden of the Souls™

Welcome to Funeral Gardens, the setting for Garden of the Souls. Here guests may visit the graves of the deceased, but this garden has a dark secret. The dead roam free, and they’d love to show park guests what waits in the afterlife.

New Terror-tory: Fools’ Court™

Guests will experience Jester characters in Fools’ Court scare zone, where chaos reigns supreme. When the Motley Fools hit the streets, the joke always will be on you.

No Escape Room: Jack’s Nightmare Room

No Howl-O-Scream anniversary would be complete without Jack, the original Busch Gardens trickster. He’s back in the all-new No Escape: Jack’s Nightmare Room, and he’s had plenty of time to sit in the dark and come up with new ways to surprise and startle fans. Explore the terrors that keep Jack up at night. It’s a new era of chills, and this escape room will bring the SCREAM back to Howl-O-Scream.

Howl-O-Scream opens Sept. 15 and will run on select days through Oct. 28. For more information, visit howloscream.com/va.

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