Tips for Military Moves

Your Transportation Office can assist you in coordinating your move and will provide information on options for moving your personal belongings. Keep in mind that Move.milis the Department of Defense’s (DoD) worldwide website for managing your move, to include understanding your allowances, scheduling your household goods (HHG) shipment and unaccompanied baggage, and tracking your shipment and filing claims, if necessary. You are authorized transportation of your personal items as described below:

  • Household goods. HHG include items associated with the home and all personal effects belonging to a service member and dependents on the effective date of the service member’s permanent change of station (PCS) or temporary duty (TDY) order that may legally be accepted and transported by an authorized commercial transporter. Your HHG will be moved via a government carrier or personally procured transportation mover. Keep in mind that HHG do not include the following items:
    • personal baggage when carried free on an airplane, bus, or train
    • cars, trucks, vans, and similar motor vehicles
    • live animals including birds, fish, and reptiles
    • items for resale, disposal, or commercial use rather than for use by the service member and dependents
    • privately owned live ammunition
  • Unaccompanied baggage (UAB). If you are moving overseas, your personal property shipment allowance will probably include a surface shipment and a UAB shipment that will be sent by air so that it is available to you when you arrive at your destination. The UAB shipment should include items that you’ll need immediately upon arrival such as clothes, linens, and baby needs or medical equipment.
  • Personally owned vehicle (POV). One POV belonging to you or your family member may be shipped overseas at government expense. It must, however, be for you or your family member’s personal use only. If you want to make your own arrangements and ship an additional POV, consult your Transportation Office for any restrictions that may apply.
  • Personally Procured Transportation Moves (also known as Do-It-Yourself or DITY moves). You can move your HHG yourself and collect an incentive payment of up to 95% of the government’s estimate to move them. You can do a personally procured move (PPM) when you have PCS orders, a TDY assignment, face separation or retirement, or assignment to, from, or between government quarters.