City of Williamsburg Planning Commission to Consider Rezoning Request for Edge District Development

Williamsburg, VA – The City of Williamsburg Planning Commission will consider a request to rezone approximately 17.92 acres of land from the Corridor Business District B-2 to the Limited Business Residential District LB-3 with a special use permit to construct multifamily apartments and townhouses. The applicant, Platinum Management, LLC, has voluntarily proffered several conditions in relation to this request.

The subject properties are located at the corner of Page Street and along Penniman Road to the city/county line. It is bordered to the south by the CSX Railroad. The property is owned by Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited LLC. These properties were envisioned as approximately 400 timeshare units; however, the owner will no longer pursue this path and has decided to market the property for development.

The applicant is proposing the development of a high-quality residential development that can act as a “catalyst for development in the Edge District.” The proposal consists of three buildings with 182 multifamily apartments and 53 townhouse units with garages and property amenities: a clubhouse with an outdoor swimming pool, a community gathering space, a featured park for residents, a dog park, and a playground.

Staff Analysis

The City Planning and Codes Compliance Department has analyzed the proposal and determined that it is not in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan or the Zoning Ordinance. The Comprehensive Plan states that the area should be developed with a mix of residential and commercial uses. The Zoning Ordinance states that a special use permit should not be approved until an acceptable master plan has been submitted for the property.

Staff Recommendation

City staff recommends denial of the rezoning request and the special use permit. The applicant is encouraged to resubmit a proposal that is in keeping with the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance.

The City Council will consider the staff recommendation and make a final decision on the rezoning request and the special use permit at a future meeting.

What are your thoughts on this project ? Seems ironic that it was already approved for 400+ timeshare units but this wouldn’t be approved unless it has a commercial component. Don’t we all agree there is already too much empty commercial space in the area?

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