Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Withdraws Request to Redevelop Parking Lot as Plaza

10/10/2019, Williamsburg VA

This morning, the City Manager received notification from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation of its withdrawal of the application for conversion of the P3 parking lot (behind Blue Talon) into a private plaza.  In addition, the Foundation has withdrawn its application for Tourism Development funding for the project.  The official notice states that the withdrawal is due to the pending transition of the Foundation CEO.   

 “This project generated lots of conversation with valid positions shared on all sides.  Through the collaborative efforts of many, our community has grown stronger.  Partnerships were forged and genuine effort made to establish a plan that satisfied much of the concern.  I am proud of that outcome and thankful for the leadership of the Council and the Foundation who were willing to work for compromise.” said City Manager Andrew Trivette. Two zoning items are on the agenda for today’s City Council meeting.  The withdrawal prevents action on the items and no vote will be taken.  Should the Foundation wish to continue with the project, they would need to reapply for the zoning changes needed.  Should funding be desired for a new project, a new application would be needed during the Tourism Development Fund application cycle, which opens each March.  

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