Colonial Williamsburg launches ad during Super Bowl L

Colonial Williamsburg, the nation’s largest living history museum, with nearly 600 Revolutionary-era buildings, renowned art museums and extensive educational outreach programs, will air a 30-second ad during this weekend’s Super Bowl 50 in the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. markets. The spot features former NBC Nightly News anchor and author Tom Brokaw as narrator. As video takes the viewer backwards through iconic footage from our nation’s history, Brokaw asks the questions “Where did our strength come from? Our fight? Our heart? Where did we first become ‘We the People’?” The answer, of course, is “it started here.” Colonial Williamsburg has also released the full 60-second spot.

“The ad is meant to show that the America we know was not inevitable. It took courage. It took leadership. It took pain and sacrifice,” said Mitchell B. Reiss, president and CEO of Colonial Williamsburg. “This ad takes you backwards, down the many roads and tributaries of America to their original source: the revolutionary issues, debates and acts that defined 18th-century Williamsburg.”

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