College of William & Mary

Chartered in 1693 by King William III and Queen Mary II, William & Mary is the second oldest college in the nation. William & Mary is best known for its historic campus and rigorous liberal arts curriculum.

The campus, adjoining Colonial Williamsburg, is a masterwork of preservation and innovation. Included on the campus is the oldest academic building in the nation still in active use, the Christopher Wren Building.

William & Mary is unlike any other university in America.

We’re the second oldest college in the nation, but also a cutting-edge research university. We’re highly selective, but also public, offering a world-class education without the sticker shock.

Our students are not only some of the smartest in the world, but passionate about serving others and serious about having fun. Our professors are teachers, scholars and research mentors, the cornerstone of a thriving intellectual community that produces experienced, engaged, successful graduates.

We’re a “Public Ivy”—one of only eight in the nation. That means we offer a superior education that’s accessible to everyone. We love our hometown of Williamsburg and the amazing Commonwealth of Virginia and we’re proud to be one of the reasons for their economic success.

Walk the brick pathways where Thomas Jefferson ran when he was late to class.

Whether you’re visiting in order to see if William & Mary is the right place for your education or whether you’re traveling to see a speaker, game or arts event, all visitors to campus are welcome. You’ll learn quickly why our students are so satisfied with life on a residential campus in scenic Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s not just the abundance of pancake houses, although maple syrup does go well with a study break.

Christopher Wren Association for Lifelong Learning consists of people from a variety of backgrounds who wish to continue to study and learn after retirement.  A common interest is shared in continuing learning experiences and intellectual stimulation.  There are no tests or grades.  Members participate purely for the joy of learning.  The organization is sponsored by The College of William and Mary but is self-supporting.

Courses and activities are planned and operated by the members and occur at various locations throughout the area.  Members design the curriculum and arrange for volunteer instructors from The College of William and Mary faculty (current and retired), from the membership and from the community at large.

Membership in the Christopher Wren Association (CWA) also provides an opportunity for a variety of social interactions. Class breaks offer members a chance to greet old friends and make new ones over coffee, tea and cookies.

Find more details on membership and its benefits here

Other area educational and lifelong long learning offerings available in the Williamsburg VA area include :

Auditing College Courses: In Virginia Senior citizens age 60 and older are  encouraged to take advantage of tuition-free* courses at Virginia Colleges including William and Mary and Thomas Nelson Community College.  Seniors over 60 may enroll in credit courses for credit if their Virginia taxable income did not exceed $15,000 for the preceding year, and may enroll in credit courses for AUDIT (no credit) regardless of income. Senior citizens eligible for free tuition will register the day a session begins on a space-available basis at the Admissions and Records Office.  Admission is to a course is on a space-available basis after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated. In general, this means that this form will be processed on or after the first day of classes. W&M  info hereTNCC info here

But that’s just the beginning.