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Are you PCSing to Norfolk Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Hampton Roads?

Hampton Roads — made up of the cities of Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake — is the east coast epicenter of military activity.

Along with a huge Navy footprint the region hosts major Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard facilities. As a result the area is extremely “military friendly” in all respects.

Hampton Roads is the world’s largest naval base. You cannot live in Hampton Roads without being minutes from a naval installation. The Navy owns 36,000 acres and more than 6,750 buildings in the area. There are some 108,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel stationed in the area, and the Navy employs more than 41,000 civilians. There are more than 23,000 retired Navy men and women living in Hampton Roads, and approximately 118,300 dependents of active duty, and civilian personnel. The total Hampton Roads Navy community numbers some 318,000 people. There is a large military presence in Hampton Roads, with each branch of the armed forces represented, pumping over $11 billion into the local economy annually.

About Norfolk Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Hampton Roads
Welcome Aboard! You will be transferring and joining over 81,000 other active duty military personnel in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

The Hampton Roads area comprises the cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, and Yorktown. There are a number of Naval commands in the area, including the Naval Station Norfolk; Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth; Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic, Dam Neck; Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek; and Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown; Naval Air Station, Oceana. Located at these installations are hundreds of commands, large and small, afloat and shore. Additionally, these installations serve as homeports for approximately 115 ships and 29 aircraft squadrons. Together they comprise the Navy in Hampton Roads.



CNMRA encompasses NAVSTA Norfolk, NAS Oceana, NAB Little Creek, and HSA LANTFLT.

PRIMARY WEAPON SYSTEMS – Five aircraft carriers, USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, USS GEORGE WASHINGTON, USS ENTERPRISE, and USS HARRY S. TRUMAN, numerous amphibious ships, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, submarines, and other support vessels. NAVSTA Norfolk is also home to numerous airborne early warning aircrafts and antisubmarines, minesweepers and search and rescue helicopter squadrons. There are approximately 115 Ships stationed at NAVSTA Norfolk and NNSHIPYD Portmouth.

With the bases large population, base housing is very limited — only 437 officer-family units and 3,390 enlisted-family units. The base has a very large commissary, exchange, mall and five mini-marts for shopping convenience. A childcare center accommodates 288 children, but there is a waiting list. Seven branch clinics provide medical and dental services. Other care is available at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.

For recreation, Norfolk Naval Station provides movie theaters, swimming pools, gyms, bowling alleys and golf courses. Residents enjoy fishing, sailing and picnicking. South of the base, Dismal Swamp offers opportunities for adventurous hunters and hikers. History buffs will enjoy historical Williamsburg, a re-created colonial village, only 45 miles away. For the sports fan, the area is home to the Hampton Roads Admirals, a minor-league hockey team, and the Hampton Roads Mariners, a minor-league soccer team.

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