Hanover Celebrates Groundbreaking of the Fall Line Trail

Hanover County Virginia has marked a significant milestone by breaking ground on a five-mile stretch of the expansive multi-regional trail system known as the Fall Line. Formerly called the Ashland to Petersburg Trail, the 43-mile trail will eventually offer a continuous multi-use path for biking and walking, linking numerous communities along the way.

The recent groundbreaking ceremony was a collaborative celebration between officials from Hanover and Henrico Counties and the Town of Ashland. This ceremony, held just outside of Ashland, commemorates the start of work on a 4.8-mile segment that will extend the existing trail from Ashland to Woodman Road in Henrico. This segment follows on the heels of Henrico County’s groundbreaking last October and is a testament to the growing momentum of the project.

Construction over the coming year will initiate multiple phases totaling 20 miles, targeting completion in 2026. In the long term, the Fall Line will seamlessly integrate with the Virginia Capital Trail and the Appomattox River Trail, with the entire network expected to be finished by 2030.

John Budesky, Hanover County Administrator, shared his enthusiasm: “This project is a collective achievement we are all incredibly proud of. It symbolizes our commitment to enhancing community life and strengthening partnerships at every level.”

Hanover’s contribution to the Fall Line traces the historic Ashland Trolley Line route. A significant bridge over the Chickahominy River will be among the notable features, alongside design elements that pay homage to the trolley line’s past. The construction of this part of the trail is fully funded at an estimated $11.1 million.

The Fall Line has secured approximately $241 million in funding from federal, state, and local sources, a substantial increase from the initial $300 million estimate, with inflation being the primary cause for the rise in cost.

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