Historic Triangle Localities Approve Design, Financing Plan for Regional Indoor Sports Facility

Exciting developments are underway in the Williamsburg area as the Williamsburg City Council, James City County Board of Supervisors, and York County Board of Supervisors have all given their approval for a groundbreaking regional indoor sports facility. In the past two weeks, each locality endorsed the project’s design concept, cost estimate, and financing plan, paving the way for progress.

This significant milestone now allows the Historic Triangle Recreational Facilities Authority to move forward in establishing a comprehensive agreement with MEB, the chosen construction firm, to bring the sports facility to life on property adjacent to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center.

Anticipated to have a capital cost of nearly $80 million, the expansive 200,000-square-foot facility is set to feature 12 basketball courts, convertible to 24 volleyball courts, and 36 pickleball courts. Innovative additions such as a climbing wall, ninja gym equipment, and a conversion turf system further enhance its appeal.

Beyond being a premier sports venue, the facility aims to attract sports tourism, fostering new visitors, extended stays, and repeat visits. Moreover, it addresses the recreational needs of the Parks and Recreation Departments of James City County, the City of Williamsburg, and York County, providing expanded opportunities for Historic Triangle residents. Local recreational programs will be hosted Monday through Thursday, with the facility opening its doors to regional and national tournaments on Fridays through Sundays.

To make this vision a reality, the financing plan allocates 64% of the capital costs, approximately $2.5 million annually, to the City of Williamsburg, with the Historic Triangle Recreational Facilities Authority covering the remaining 36%, approximately $1.5 million annually. James City County and York County will share the operating subsidy commitment, contributing $400,000 in Year 1 and $800,000 in Years 2 through 5, followed by $300,000 to $800,000 annually from Years 6 through 30, based on the facility’s performance.

As I continue to keep you informed about the latest developments in the area, it’s thrilling to witness such transformative projects taking shape. Stay tuned for updates.

Your trusted local real estate agent, John Womeldorf, aka Mr. Williamsburg, is dedicated to keeping you in the loop about the exciting growth in our community.

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