King of Glory Church Plans Expansion in James City County

Mr. Chase Grogg, of LandTech Resources, has applied for an SUP to expand the existing church building by 19,001 square feet. This will bring the entire campus to an overall square footage of approximately 55,000 square feet split between one main facility, a modular building, and a storage shed. The
new addition will include a 4,604-square-foot sanctuary to seat 500- 550 people.

The new addition will also include new administrative offices, a nursery, gathering space with restrooms, and an enlarged kitchen. The nursery will be utilized during Sunday services. The kitchen will be used to support the new sanctuary, the existing Fellowship Hall, and Founders’ Hall. The existing sanctuary will be remodeled into additional classrooms for the existing preschool and accessory uses for day care and summer camps.

With the addition of six classrooms, the applicant has stated that the church will have more flexibility in scheduling and planning various activities to support a proposed neighborhood resource center. Also, according to the applicant, the neighborhood resource center will support conferences, training programs, and other activities to effectively serve the community. The Master Plan shows a future building site and an SUP would be required for any future expansion.

The site currently has 155 paved parking spaces and 65 gravel parking
spaces for a total of 220 spaces. This proposal adds 155 additional
parking spaces for a total of 375 parking spaces. The required amount
of parking spaces for all of the proposed uses is 313 spaces. This does
not exceed the maximum number of parking spaces allowed by the
Zoning Ordinance.

There will be a Planning Commission Public Hearing on May 1st, 2019.

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