Know your zone for evacuation.

On June 1, the Commonwealth of Virginia launched new tiered evacuation zones for coastal communities. Developed in partnership with local emergency managers, these zones are based on the most up-to-date flooding and engineering data for the region.

The zones, designated A through D, are designed to provide greater clarity about whether a resident should evacuate to a safe part of the city,  to a local designated shelter,  or if necessary, evacuate out of town, or shelter at home or place of business based on their address and the nature of the emergency.

Avoiding unnecessary evacuation will help reduce traffic congestion and lessen overcrowding at storm shelters. 

When a serious storm is expected to impact Virginia’s coastal region, state and local emergency managers and officials will work with local news media outlets that will broadcast and publish evacuation instructions to the public.

You just need to know your zone. To find out which zone you live (or work) in, visit .

The Know Your Zone website displays a detailed, interactive, color-coded map showing the new evacuation zones. People can use the new map to view a “big picture” of the region or zoom in to their neighborhood. Users can enter their address in a search bar to see their designated evacuation zone. You can also learn more about the zones at 

If your address is not located in a designated zone, the good news is you are not expected to be evacuated due to any of the identified storm scenarios. However, that does not mean you will never have to heed instructions from your local emergency manager for major emergencies, so be sure to keep an eye on news reports. 

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