No Suprises For Sellers

Suprises can be great but not when you are selling your home

Eliminate The Surprises. Reduce The Stress.

At Liz Moore & Associates , we understand that buying or selling a home can be among the most stressful events that a family can experience. It is made even harder, sometimes, by complicated closings. We surveyed thousands of local families to find out what their moving experiences entailed. The most common response was “I wish I had known.”

After surveying thousands of consumers who had bought or sold property in our area a common thread amongst all was frustrating and expensive last-minute surprises. We heard story after story about unforeseen expenses, delays, and the stress of having to make major decisions under pressure:

“Just hours before we were supposed to move, we found out our appraisal was $9000 lower than we anticipated. Our household goods were packed, the moving van was on its way, and everyone was lined up to help us move. We felt we had no choice but to cough up the extra money – we didn’t have time to negotiate.”

 “We couldn’t reach an agreement on the repairs; I wish we would have known we would face this before we spent money on an appraisal and a home inspection.”

 “My husband and I showed up at the walk through, and none of the repairs were complete. The moving van was in the driveway – we had no choice but to close anyway. It was a real mess!”

 “We discovered the day before closing that the seller had an unreleased deed of trust, and because their former closing company was no longer in business, it took almost a month  to clear it up! We had to move into a hotel while we waited.”

 After hearing stories like these, we realized  we can take many of the surprises, and much of the stress, out of the moving equation for sellers and for buyers.

On the majority of my listings Mr Williamsburg will order at my expense, an up-front appraisal  by a licensed appraiser and a home inspection by an independent home inspector…all before your home is officially placed on the market.

Our objective is to uncover any major repair or value issues before your home goes on the market, giving you an opportunity to either make repairs up front, or to disclose the conditions to prospective buyers.

By hiring a certified appraiser before the marketing period begins, we are aware of any potential valuation and condition issues prior to deciding on what other terms of the sale you will agree to.

All of this is done in advance, allowing everyone involved ample time to complete the real estate transaction without the pressure of last minute expenses and reactive decisions. Repairs can be completed properly, with sufficient time to select the best contractor for the job.