“The Shoe” Marks New Era for Golf in Colonial Williamsburg: Reviving Spotswood.

Colonial Williamsburg is set to enrich our community and the golfing scene by transforming a portion of the historical Spotswood property into a new, nine-hole par-3 golf course named The Shoe.

Set to open in the summer of 2025, this development emerges as a thoughtful pivot from previous plans to convert the land into residential space, responding to community feedback for more green spaces and recreational opportunities.

The project reimagines about one-third of the former Spotswood Course, adjacent to The Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, embracing the growing popularity of compact, family-friendly golf courses. This initiative underscores Colonial Williamsburg’s commitment to preserving green spaces while offering a new venue for golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.The decision follows community concern over initial residential development plans with Frye Properties Inc., leading to a reevaluation and eventual withdrawal of the rezoning application.

The Foundation’s ongoing dialogue with community stakeholders reflects a dedicated effort to align its assets with public interest, maintaining the historic and recreational fabric of Williamsburg.Williamsburg officials and community activists have praised the move, highlighting its potential to balance recreational needs with environmental preservation.

Here is the official response from colonial Williamsburg foundation

“Our revised plans for the Spotswood property were developed in response to the Foundation’s continued work with community stakeholders to determine the best uses for the Spotswood property. We appreciate the concerns voiced by community members last year about the potential development of the site – traffic, green space and the number of possible buildings, in particular. As a result, we will dedicate one-third of the property on the east side of England Street to a new 9-hole, par-3 golf course. We continue to weigh options for the remainder of the site. Thoughtful evaluation of the best use of the Foundation’s assets is essential to strengthening the financial underpinnings of the Foundation and maximizes our ability to share a complete and inclusive story of America’s founding with the world.”

Construction of the Shoe is set to begin in June 2024 with an estimated opening of summer 2025.

The course’s design, led by the renowned Rees Jones Inc., promises a fresh, accessible golfing experience, catering to a trend towards shorter play times and broader accessibility.

This exciting development not only preserves a cherished part of our local heritage but also anticipates bringing families and the community together, fostering a love for the game in a picturesque setting. It’s a testament to Colonial Williamsburg’s responsive and inclusive approach to community engagement and urban planning.

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