Ugliest House Of The Year® for 2023

Check out the incredible transformation of this home located on Semple Road in Williamsburg. Originally built in 1890, this farmhouse had fallen into disrepair, hidden by overgrown vegetation and filled with debris. However, thanks to my fellow investor and house flipper, Daniel Nice, and his team, the house has been restored to its former glory.

As a local Virginia real estate agent known as Mr. Williamsburg, I had evaluated this property prior to Daniel Nice purchasing it for renovation. Despite recognizing its potential, I decided against taking on the project due to its extensive scope. However, I’m thrilled to see someone like Daniel Nice transform the property into a masterpiece, preserving its historic charm.

Daniel Nice, a former U.S. Army serviceman turned HomeVestors franchisee, spearheaded the project, which involved extensive renovations both inside and out. From clearing the lot and preserving existing trees to completely gutting and refurbishing the interior, no detail was overlooked. The result is a stunning transformation that has revitalized the neighborhood and provided a new home for a lucky family.

Daniel’s dedication to restoring distressed properties like this one has earned him recognition from HomeVestors and the admiration of our community. His commitment to giving homes a second chance aligns perfectly with HomeVestors’ mission of rejuvenating neighborhoods and providing housing opportunities for families in need.

In recognition of his outstanding work, HomeVestors has made a $20,000 donation to Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, further supporting their efforts to provide affordable housing to local families. This project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the positive impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together to make a difference. Congratulations to Daniel Nice and his team on this remarkable achievement!

If you’re an owner of a property that needs renovation or rehab and you don’t want to take on the project yourself, I’m always on the lookout for future projects and would love the opportunity to evaluate yours and possibly make you an offer. Feel free to reach out to me for a consultation.


This insightful post was crafted by John Womeldorf, also known as Mr. Williamsburg. With over 20 years as a local Virginia real estate agent and a deep family history in the area, John brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping individuals find their perfect home in Williamsburg or the surrounding areas. Explore more on, a comprehensive and informative website that reflects John’s dedication to the community. 

Whether you’re considering a move or looking to sell, John is your go-to guide, offering valuable advice and a network of reliable contractors for your real estate journey. 

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