What’s a typical water bill in Williamsburg VA

A question I am often asked from folks considering a move to Williamsburg is “What do you pay for water and sewer in Williamsburg ?

I think our household probably consumes an average amount versus others with four people in a home.  We have two teenage boys and wash a lot of clothes almost daily.

Our average consumption is approximately 12,000 gallons quarterly, and our total water/sewer bill ranges from a low of $120 to a high of $145 in the summer. Note: we don’t do a lot of outdoor watering. If you do our rate increases with additional usage so be warned.

Below is our actual quarterly billing going back to 2011..Not sure what happened with the low bill in Nov 2012. I guess our boys stopped taking showers !



Read about our electricity rates/ bills here

I will cover our typical cable, internet, phone, costs in a subsequent post.

So what about your home, how much is your quarterly water bill where you live ?

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