Why are there no photos of my home in the MLS ?

imageHave you ever noticed a photo like the one on the left when you were looking at for homes for sale ? Ever wondered why ?

Two reasons:

1. Overzealous real estate agent who thinks by entering the info in the MLS the home will sell quickly. The problem with this method is thousands of home lookers get emails once a home is listed. Guess what most will do when they see the listing come thru without photos ?  Fuggetaboutit !

2. The other reason this might happen ?  Laziness. You heard it right. The real estate agent can’t take the time to schedule a photographer to shoot the home or property before it hits the market.


Read “Why I use a professional photographer

Mr Williamsburg believes in the power of professional photography. Every house that I list is marketed with professional photos, and I pick up the tab. So, is it worth the dough? It turns out that in most cases the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

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