Xanterra applies to build 322 new homes in Kingsmill

Kingsmill Resort owner Xanterra has submitted an application to build 322 new homes in the gated community, converting almost all of the Country Road to housing and reconfiguring the Woods Golf Course.

The changes come in the form of both a rezoning application and master plan amendment that would convert the Woods Course and 15 acres bordering the Country Road for residential use. The application converts trails and existing buffers to 196 single-family homes, 96 condominiums and 30 town homes.

The plan also includes a new Country Road – a cul-de-sac to serve a new 15-home tract.

It would also allow housing on 121 acres of area designated for the Country Road, and another 15 acres designated for recreation, according to the application filed this week with the county’s Planning Division.

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