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🏡 Home Inspection Day Update from Mr. Williamsburg 🏡

Hey everyone, John Womeldorf here, your local Virginia real estate expert. Today, I’m out in the charming Williamsburg Commons neighborhood with John Lynch and his team from Pillar to Post Inspections for a home inspection day. We’re diving deep into a 23-year-old duplex, and it’s essential to know what we’re looking for!

🔍 Why Inspections Matter:
When it comes to home inspections, I take a unique approach. It’s not just about spotting the small stuff – sure, minor issues like water leaks under sinks, leaky faucets, or faulty GFI outlets are almost expected in a home this age. My main focus? The big-ticket items that can really impact your wallet – think roof replacements, foundation settling, and major system updates.

🏠 Critical Checks:
Windows and major systems like HVAC, roofing, and hot water heaters are on top of my checklist. I always aim to ascertain the ages of these crucial components before putting in an offer. This helps my clients understand potential future costs and plan accordingly.

💰 Cosmetic vs. Catastrophic:
Remember, cosmetic changes like new flooring or paint aren’t typically covered in home inspections. These are aspects you’ll want to budget for upfront when making an offer, especially in today’s market where even fixer-uppers can command a premium.

Choosing the Right Inspector:
I exclusively use Pillar to Post for my inspections. You might have heard some agents say they don’t want Pillar to Post inspecting their listings because they’re too thorough and “kill deals.” That’s exactly why I choose them. I believe in thorough inspections that reveal the true condition of a property, helping my clients make the most informed decisions possible.

👨‍💼 Counseling Clients:
As a real estate agent, it’s my job to counsel clients about what to expect from the inspection process. Before making an offer, I find out as much as possible about a property’s condition—like the age of the roof, HVAC, appliances, and hot water heater, and I alert my clients to potential issues. This proactive approach ensures that they make educated offers, especially important in a seller’s market where it’s harder to negotiate repairs post-Covid.

🛠️ Renovation Expertise:
Another aspect that sets me apart from most agents is my renovation savvy. This isn’t just a gimmick; I have successfully renovated and flipped many homes over the last decade. At one point, I even built homes. I can walk through a house and give a very accurate cost estimate for any renovations. For instance, in this current transaction, after in-depth discussions with the client, I’ve mapped out plans for renovating the master bathroom, kitchen, replacing light fixtures, building custom cabinets, and more, ensuring every design element aligns with the client’s preferences.

🎨 Design and Planning:
Today, along with the home inspection, we’ve outlined a complete list of desired renovations for the property. We’re also preparing a palette of color choices and design photos for the client, so they can visualize the end result. With everything scheduled in advance, the client can start renovations right from the day of closing, making the process smooth and efficient.

🏘️ The Value of a Thorough Inspection:
In closing, if you’re a homebuyer, wouldn’t you want the most thorough inspector on your side? One that might be dreaded by agents and sellers, but appreciated by those who value transparency and diligence in their home-buying journey?

Stay tuned for more insights, and remember, whether you’re buying or selling, I’m here to help you navigate the complexities of real estate with ease and confidence!

This post provides you with a comprehensive look at my unique qualifications and the detailed approach I take with clients.

As John Womeldorf, a.k.a. Mr. Williamsburg, I’m not just your typical real estate agent; I’m the Renovation-Savvy Realtor®. This title represents my unique ability to see beyond the present condition of a property and envision its potential. With extensive experience in building, renovating, and flipping homes, I provide invaluable insights that transform each client’s dreams into tangible realities. Whether guiding buyers to visualize a space transformed or advising sellers on pre-market upgrades, my expertise ensures that every client makes informed decisions that align with both their aesthetic and functional needs, truly transforming dreams into reality.

If you would like to check out the carriage homes at Williamsburg Commons, you can read more about the neighborhood here on my website mrwilliamsburg.com

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